A Wild Ride of Randomness: It’s Hot in Denver, Goals Check-in, and a Purse Review

So why are you so lucky to get another blog posting from me after oh so long?  It’s hot as hell in Denver and I wanted an excuse to seek air conditioning and so I thought – Eureka!  I could go to the air-conditioned Panera down the street and get some writing done while stealing … Continue reading A Wild Ride of Randomness: It’s Hot in Denver, Goals Check-in, and a Purse Review

Summer Time and the Living is Easy

Can you believe we are almost to the halfway point of 2018?  Where has this year gone?  For me this year has been unrelentingly busy.   I look back at my three seemingly simple life goals I set back in December and am not surprised that I have made very little progress on them. To refresh … Continue reading Summer Time and the Living is Easy

The Weekend Wrap Up

So, just under the wire but here is my third post of the week, just as promised.  And to end the week, a weekend wrap up.   Friday, after TWO months of fighting working with Firestone, they decided it was not normal that my front driver’s side tire kept losing 10 lbs. of air about … Continue reading The Weekend Wrap Up

What a Pain in the….FOOT?

In running you are always warned about doing too much, too fast.  When a problem or injury occurs, it comes back to the reasoning that you did too much, too fast.  While I absolutely believe this reasoning – it’s true to many aspects of life - hearing these wise words while you are in throws … Continue reading What a Pain in the….FOOT?

Planting the Seed of Doubt

In mid-May after a winter and fall of not following any sort of training plan and honestly mostly only running on weekends I decided, on a whim, to sign up for the Colfax Urban 10 Miler.  I had done the Colfax 5k and Marathon Relay in the past years and the thought of not participating … Continue reading Planting the Seed of Doubt

How Could I Forget this Feeling?!

This weekend was supposed to be a great weekend away.  I was excited about the getaway but there was a lot that needed to be done before I headed out of town to meet Brandon in Gunnison.  I had to work in the morning and host a big meeting, pack, get the house ready for … Continue reading How Could I Forget this Feeling?!

Good Grief

I am not known for being an overly emotional person.  If you ask anyone (other than my husband) they will agree that I am pretty even-kelled.  (My lucky husband on the other hand gets to see the good, bad, and ugly of my emotions.)  I never cried in front of people and it was rare … Continue reading Good Grief

Sub 30 Club

When I first started running my only concern when racing was to finish the race.  The time didn't matter - the only thing that mattered was the medics didn't have to come and scrape my crumpled body off the pavement.  As my running got stronger I started to push myself at races with the only … Continue reading Sub 30 Club

Interval Running

Since I started running I have always been an interval runner. When I was starting it was out of total necessity. I was actually unable to run a long time without a break and so with the help of the Couch to 5k Program I ramped up to my first 5k using the interval method. … Continue reading Interval Running

Running with Asthma

Right after Christmas this year I started getting a really sore throat and everything went downhill from there.  It started with a sore throat and it quickly moved in to my lungs.  I was coughing and hacking non stop annoying everyone around me.  Around mid January I finally went to the doctor and was diagnosed … Continue reading Running with Asthma