dogI grew up with non-pets.  A bird, a guinea pig, a hamster…I always wanted a real pet but never had one.  That all changed when I moved to Colorado almost 13 years ago.

One of the conditions of moving to Colorado with my fiancé was a dog.  We moved to Colorado in August, by September we were scouring the Thrifty Nickel looking for the perfect dog.  In October we met Nittany (a black lab/golden retriever mix) and I was in love.   Actually, I loved the idea of having a dog – Nittany and I had a bit of a rocky start and there were many tears and days I wanted to return her before I was in love with her as well as the idea of her.  But, once I fell in love it was over – I was officially a crazy dog person.  A couple years later we unsuccessfully fostered a puppy golden retriever and Paterno joined our family.  Last summer I lost my best friend Nittany to cancer and after sometime we started looking to grow our family again.  We once again unsuccessfully fostered a lab(ish) dog and Coaly joined our family.

People often ask us about our pups names.  The answer is pretty simple.  We are die hard Penn State alumni and fans and Nittany was named after the Penn State Nittany Lions; Paterno was named after former Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno; and Coaly was named after Coaly the Mule – the first mascot of Penn State.

Here are the links to the rescues that created our family