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Catching Up and Battling with my Sinuses

In September, I wrote a post about how I couldn’t possibly forget the feeling after a good run and swore that running would once again become a regular part of my life.  Turns out I am a complete liar.  Within a week of writing that post I had forgotten all about the benefits of the… Continue reading Catching Up and Battling with my Sinuses

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Adios Boogie…and the Great Retriever Caper

Boogie has left our little family and moved on to his forever home.  He packed up and headed out on Thursday and while we enjoyed his short visit we were not heartbroken to see him go.  Mostly because we knew he found an amazing family to join and secondly because Brandon, Paterno and I were… Continue reading Adios Boogie…and the Great Retriever Caper

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Adventures in Rescue Fostering

Today would have been Nittany’s 13 birthday.  Thanks to Facebook I woke up with a ton of memories of past birthdays.  Throughout this process I have realized the power of posting things on Facebook.  In the moment you are just sharing a quick memory or giving people a little view in to your life.  Years… Continue reading Adventures in Rescue Fostering