A Wild Ride of Randomness: It’s Hot in Denver, Goals Check-in, and a Purse Review

So why are you so lucky to get another blog posting from me after oh so long?  It’s hot as hell in Denver and I wanted an excuse to seek air conditioning and so I thought – Eureka!  I could go to the air-conditioned Panera down the street and get some writing done while stealing their air conditioning.  So, here I am.

I also just went to save this post and I usually save it under the topic I am planning on writing about but today I couldn’t think of what to save it as and just saved it as Blog Post 7.8.18 so you are in for a wild ride.  I have no idea where I’m going with this so let’s get started…

We’ll start with my failures – self-depreciation is my favorite state of mind.  Last post I had some goals for the summer so let’s do a little check-in.

  • FAIL – Try a new recipe every week – I tried ONE new recipe in a month, so I get a little credit, but this is definitely not checked off. To be fair the recipe I did try was really good, I used the new Instant Pot and at the end of dinner I was told to keep it in the rotation – WIN!  Here’s the recipe in case you want to give it a shot.  Easy Instant Pot Bang Bang Shrimp Pasta
  • SUPER FAIL – Read at least 30 minutes every day – I have no excuses. I haven’t even opened the book I’ve been wanting to read.  I walked it around the house several times, taken it out to the hammock, set it on my nightstand, and promptly either taken a nap or gone to bed.  Is reading my cure for insomnia?
  • SORTA FAIL – Follow a training plan – I created a pretty solid plan and have gotten slowly back into running.  Slow and steady being key.  But, the consistency is still not there 100%. The heat does not help and being crazy busy at work isn’t helping either.  I tend to do my best work in the mornings and so when I get up I like to get in to work early before my student appointments to get things done but that’s the only time the temperatures are actually bearable to run.  I know I COULD get up earlier but doing anything before 5am isn’t in my vocabulary. garden1
  • WIN – Plant a garden – YES! We planted a garden and are patiently waiting for the fruits of our labor.  I swear if Coaly eats my strawberries I am cutting off her tail.  I kid…kind of…
  • DOUBLE SUPER FAIL – Finish our Peru photo album – Nope, absolutely no progress. Thanks, Facebook for showing me our memories from a year ago and reminding me what an absolutely amazing trip we had and that we have nothing epic planned this summer.
  • SORTA WIN – Climb three 14’ers with Coaly – One down, two to go. Coaly (and I) conquered Mount Sherman.  She did awesomely and was tired for two days after which was a bonus for us.

Okay, now that we are caught up on the progress (or non-progress) of my goals I thought I would throw in a random review of the current purse I am using and loving.  I told you this post was going to be a wild ride of randomness.

Product Review: KAVU Women’s Wedgewood Tote Bag

In my late 20s and early 30s, I was obsessed with designer purses.  I had this strange need to seek out Coach, Dooney and Bourke, Kate Spade and any other designer I could get my hands on, find a great deal and buy it.  They didn’t match my personality or my style and I even felt weird going in these stores.  When I walked in I felt the eyes of the store clerks watching me, silently judging, and wondering why someone in Teva flip-flops and shorts and t-shirt would need a designer purse.  But still, I felt like owning these purses was part of being a “real” adult.  But, we have all learned that you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.  (I think this is a perfect time to pause just from a moment and fondly remember when this was one of our biggest political problems…what Obama said and what McCain thought he meant and that Sarah Palin was running for vice president…those were the simpler times).

Over time I realized that these designer purses didn’t make me any more of an adult and that designer things (purses, clothes, shoes…) often lack functionality (there’s not always room in a designer purse for your wallet, water bottle, notebook, iPad, and bag of dog treats) and so I went on the hunt for purses that were more my style and fit more in to my lifestyle – whether or not that was an adult lifestyle.  So just about a year ago while visiting my absolute favorite store in Fort Collins, Colorado (Jax Mercantile) I found the PERFECT (for me) bag.  It’s the KAVU Women’s Wedgewood Tote Bag.  I didn’t realize until writing this today and looking it up online so I could provide a link that it wasn’t even a purse, but a tote bag, but it isn’t a huge tote so it works perfectly as a purse.

What I love most about my KAVU purse is that is really versatile.  It doesn’t have a million little compartments inside but rather just one pocket on the outside, one zipper pocket on the inside and two pouches for stuff like your phone, and a key clip.  The rest is just open so you can throw whatever you want in it.  Some people might not like this because sometimes you have to do some shuffling through the bag to find what you’re looking for, but I really don’t mind that and I have smaller bags in the purse to keep things organized.  My absolutely favorite thing is how much I can fit in this purse.  At most I can fit my laptop, a notebook, laptop power cord, wallet, bag full of health stuff (chapstick, Excedrin, etc.) keys, cell phone, sunglasses, hairbrush, and a 20 oz. Coke Zero.  With all of that it is a little heavy, but totally manageable.  Most days I have a fraction of that in it and so when I’m running errands I can just toss things in my purse as I go along and don’t end up with a bunch of bags.  It easily fits a bottle of vodka or bomber of beer so it’s super handy on your quick trip to the liquor store and you don’t have to run back to the car before going to Whole Foods…or so I’ve heard…

Okay, so I told you today’s post would be a wild ride.  We’ve talked weather, goals, and a purse review.  I have been brainstorming ideas for future blog posts so stay tuned when I tackle harder hitting topics like finding the elusive work/life Balance (I am so far from this right now I don’t think I will ever find it), finding hobbies for you and your significant other to do together, dealing with ADD as an adult (I’ll bet you couldn’t have guessed I had that right?!), getting picked as a RunningDenver Ambassador (YEAH!!), updates on my new health insurance and how I’m actually getting answers to my sinus issues, plus whatever else comes to mind.   So sit back and enjoy the wild ride.

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