Summer Time and the Living is Easy

Can you believe we are almost to the halfway point of 2018?  Where has this year gone?  For me this year has been unrelentingly busy.   I look back at my three seemingly simple life goals I set back in December and am not surprised that I have made very little progress on them.

The Praire Dog 5k with Coaly

To refresh your memory I was going to eat better, run more, and blog regularly.  I will give eating a half thumbs ups.  I have been trying new things and attempting to get more adventurous with my eating.  I am not always successful, but I am trying.  My running has sucked.  My goal was to run a race every month and I have run one race this year and I was pretty much a disaster.  I am still having issues with my foot (the same numbness I’ve had in my toes since hiking in Peru last June and burning pain in the ball of my foot and regular pain in the arch of my foot, so to sum it up – all around awesomeness).  Blogging has been a joke.  Just scroll down and you can see the last time I blogged was December 10, 2017.  But, the good news is, I never give up.  I may fall off the blogging horse again and again but I’ll keep getting right back on.

Because I am so good at keeping goals I set for myself I have decided to set MORE goals for the summer.  In addition to eating better, running more, and blogging more regularly I am also going to:

  • Try a new recipe every week – I guess this could fit into the eating better category…
  • Read at least 30 minutes every day – I have a pile of books (well, it’s one 51onOJ32eWLreal book and a pile of virtual books) that I want to finish by the end of the summer
  • Follow a training plan – this could fit into the running more category…
  • Plant a garden
  • Finish our Peru photo album – it’s been just under a year since we went to Peru so now would be a good time to actually get started on a photo album…
  • Climb three 14’ers with Coaly – Greys, Torreys, and Sherman

I’ll use the blog to keep track of these new goals as well as any other summer adventures that pop up along the way.

Happy Summer!




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