Month 1 Resolution – Complete!


As I started the New Year I decided to tackle a new resolution each month.  For January my resolution was to give up social media and I believe I was pretty successfully.  I had to stay involved with social media for work so I was on social media three times a week to post regular work related posts but that is where it ended…for the most part.  I will tell you that it is hard to stay completely away from social media when your spouse is still on social media. I will admit to getting pretty regular social media updates (wanted and unwanted) from my husband.  He may claim that I made him give me updates but he is over exaggerating…I wouldn’t call him my “life line” to the outside world, but he did keep my nicely informed!

Over the past month I realized that I don’t need social media but I did feel that I was missing out on what my friends and family were doing and I missed the ease of organizing events through social media.  I would often think that I would like to post some pictures or I would think of something super witty to post (at least I thought it was super witty) but I just kept it to myself.


The month is over and I am ready to return to social media…and post a tons of pictures from our January adventures, and it’s also time to unveil my next resolution.  For February I am asking my husband to help my with my resolution.  We eat out a lot and so in February we are going to eat at home during the week.  We are defining the “week” as Monday-Thursday.  We can still go out during the weekend because to be honest eating out is a big part of our social life.  For me this means not going out to lunch and either myself or my husband cooking during the week.  I am pretty excited and already have some good recipes picked out for the first week of February.  I am hoping this will help in getting my eating a little more under control then just picking whatever I want off a menu every night.  I have also promised by husband that I will eat whatever he picks to cook…which can be a scary idea to a picky eater!  But, I am ready for a new challenge.

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