The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Friendly giraffe begging for Weetabix

One of my most favorite places in Colorado is the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.  When we lived in Colorado Springs we found the zoo by accident when exploring our new city and have made it a habit to visit often.  About a week ago we battled the I-25 traffic past the Renaissance Festival in Larkspur and spent a great afternoon at the zoo.

I have always loved the giraffe exhibit where you can feed the giraffes giraffe crackers (aka Weetabix) or lettuce and get an up close and personal experience.  If you get there too late in the day and the giraffes have eaten too many giraffe cookies their diet consists of lettuce.  Every time I go I wonder how much they eat in a day with all those visitors buying them all those treats and waiting for the giraffes to come up and snatch them out of their hands with their long blackish tongues.

Since our last visit they have finished the new elephant and rhino exhibit and we were excited to see that too.  The elephants were happily playing in their new yard giving themselves dirt baths and the rhinos were in their building trying to save themselves from the sweltering heat.

As we meandered through the zoo, and the hoards of people, we got to see baby wallabies, alligators attacking dragonflies, the meerkat on his perch, and the moose drinking from his pond – as well as a ton more sleepy, less active animals that were not particularly photogenic.

While the zoo is a fun place I often feel a little out of place without a child tagging along behind me and I often feel guilty for wanting to get up close to the animals when I know I should step aside and let the children see…but, luckily I don’t actually have a conscience so I just run up the glass and peer through to see the next animal…in all fairness I try not to shove the children 🙂


What keeps the moose from walking out of his pen?
What keeps the moose from walking out of his pen?
Sleepy wallaby
Sleepy wallaby
The hungry alligators
A curious meerkat

After our visit to the zoo we had to stop by a couple Colorado Springs favorites before braving the traffic and heading back north.  A stop for lunch at McCabe’s for some chips and curry and a tasting at Trinity Brewing (I highly recommend the The Menacing Strawberry, Farmhouse Fraise) were the perfect ending to a great day!

What is your favorite zoo?

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